Women in Syria challenge gender stereotypes and take on climate action

With close to 90 percent of the population in Syria living below the poverty line and a 60 percent unemployment rate, female-headed households are disproportionately affected by the deteriorating…  

Restoring the Power of Community through Participation: UNDP Participatory Local Recovery Planning in Syria

In 2021 UNDP Syria has piloted a participatory local early recovery approach in two areas Hama and Aleppo. In this blog post we will know more about this co-creation approach in planning and how it is…  

7 things we learned about frugal entrepreneurship

Read About the 7 things UNDP Accelerator Lab Syria learned about frugal entrepreneurship through their work with positive deviant farmers in Syria.  

Now, we can continue to be part of the solution!”: Young Leader Reflects on Sustainable Development in Syria as Delegate Programme Continues

In this Q&A, YDD Syrian delegate Aya Albitar reflects on her work with the programme and explains how it can continue to support innovative, impactful, and youth-led development in Syria.  

Reverse Shop: A 300 Day Upliftment Cycle through Gamification & Economification of Household Waste

When we set out on our household waste recycling challenge, we had no idea that it would lead us to the development of a new type of entity. Something more than a modified version of countless…  

Facing Disability with Determination

In Syria, 11-year-old Hanin takes a step forward with support from Japan-funded UNDP disability programme. Hanin Samer Eyadah was just five years old when a shell exploded and lodged a piece of…  

Our Data Journey

The insights we gained from data and the journey that led us from one challenge to another  

Youth led Campaign with Accelerator lab Syria: “Who knows, it might come in handy one day”

Enter any Syrian household and you will find that, by the force of habit, they have stores of recyclable materials; a big plastic bag full of smaller plastic bags, a corner under the sink reserved for…  

Harmony of Hope: Syrian youth sings for peace

“Together we shall stand, in harmony hand-in-hand. The sweet words we say build bridges of compassion. Hope cannot be lost due to hatred and feuds.” Read more about the journey of 230 youth from Syria…  

From organic waste to food security: Building on nature-based frugal innovations

With the increased prices and shortage of Agriculture inputs (Fodder, fertilizers), farmers are using frugal and nature-based solutions to address the challenge. Accelerator lab Syria is working with…  

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