Social Cohesion


Supporting local communities

Conflict in Syria has transformed the relationships between Syrians. Displacement has uprooted entire communities, undermining displaced communities' social fabric and placing significant strain on host communities. Across the country, many communities have banded together in response to pressures and insecurity, contributing to increased in-group/out-group dynamics.

What we do

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 5, 10 and 16, UNDP is engaged in fostering social cohesion through promoting positive attitudes and behaviours among communities to manage grievances, ease tensions and resolve disputes peacefully at local level. In addition to supporting local communities and local institutions to improve social inclusion and local development.

UNDP strive to build bridges among communities of diverging political, religious, ethnic and socio-economic (including rural/urban) backgrounds, as well as among host and internally displaced communities by means of interventions that includes:

  • Community-based Initiatives promoting social cohesion.
  • Youth led initiatives promoting tolerance and acceptance.
  • Awareness raising campaigns encouraging effective community participation.

Programmes and Initiatives

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in Social Cohesion Activities, in 2018.

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