LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND provides an overview of UNDP resilience programme in Syria and the key achievements in 2018. Focusing on Economic Development and Livelihoods, Improving Basic Services Delivery and Enhancing Social Cohesion, UNDP’s interventions supports the Syrian people by strengthening their resilience to cope with the effects of the crisis and enable those whose livelihoods were severely disrupted to recover and rebuild their lives.
How UNDP Syria supports youth initiatives all around Syria. Creating safe spaces gathering people from all ages and backgrounds to promote dialogue and social cohesion and celebrate peace.
Watch how UNDP Syria with the support of Finland helps Muhannad & other persons with disabilities PWDs to sustain their livelihoods & help provide affordable bread for 25,000 residents & IDPs in Rural_Damascus
Damascus, 28 July 2019 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Syria in cooperation with Peace Lens and the generous support from the government of Finland has officially launched the activities of «Ten» Boot Camp for effective inclusion between persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities.
How UNDP Syria supports & strengthen the resilience of the Syrian people & enable those whose livelihoods were severely disrupted to recover & rebuild their lives? Watch the story of 16 copper artisans and 10 women who work in embroidery from Aleppo who despite the darkness of war were able to contribute to the recovery of the market and its return to life.
The population of Maaraba in Rural_Damascus was 25,000 before the crises, now with the large influx of displaced persons, the number is approximately 200,000 constituting approximately 90% of the population. Watch what the UNDP in Syria is doing to strengthen the socio-economic fabric and to enhance the resilience of the community in Maaraba.

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