UNDP, Government of Japan Support Emergency Employment for Rehabilitation and water sanitation Infrastructure in Homs and Aleppo

Mar 11, 2013

Damascus, Syria: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Syria signed today an agreement with the Government of Japan to support the “Capacity Development of Local Technical Committees in Infrastructure Damage Assessment” in Aleppo, Homs, and Rural Damascus. The 12 month agreement with funding totaling $USD 500,000, will be financed by the Government of Japan from the Japan-UNDP fund and will be implemented by UNDP Syria.

As a major step towards reviving the life normalcy for the affected population, quick rehabilitation and repairs of damaged basic infrastructure and service delivery facilities (including medical, social, educational) becomes crucial to ensuring access by vulnerable and affected populations to adequate services and more importantly a safe return to their homes. However, this is only possible if damages are systematically assessed, response plans for early recovery interventions and reconstruction are put in place and immediate rehabilitation actions are operational. Thus, the need of a standardized damage assessment to be ultimately implemented in conflict-affected areas is essential.

This would entail training of local technical committees to carry out the assessments, develop a database to unify and standardize data collection and analysis for prioritization and targeting mechanisms at later stages. This project will then develop the capacity of the local communities (CBOs, engineers, professional associations, relevant local technical directorates, etc.) to immediately respond to the emerging needs. Moreover, it will create an opportunity to employ local labour in the assessment stages, data collection, data entry and analysis and later on engage them in the repair and rehabilitation works which will ultimately provide an occasional source of income for the unemployed in the target local areas and governorates.

The overall objective of the proposed project contributes to strengthening the resilience of the Syrian people to cope with the effects of the current unrest and enable those whose livelihoods were severely disrupted to recover and rebuild their lives. The project’s specific objectives are to ensure that proper damage assessment methodologies are developed and relevant technical people are trained and ready to engage in such local level assessments particularly in the hard hit areas. The safe return of IDPs to their homelands is contingent on the outcomes of such damage assessments and pertinent rehabilitation actions. Local committees and technical staff from Homs, Aleppo and Rural Damascus will be trained and capacitated to start the initiation of quick damage assessments in accessible neighbourhoods.

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