Valuable Lessons learned from the crisis, Hama

Mariam, luandry project, Hama- UNDP

The governorate of Hama was highly affected by the crisis given its proximity to highly contested areas in the north and central regions. It received at least 60,589 IDPs seeking refuge from ongoing hostilities, overstretching the basic and social services in the governorate and adding significant pressure on its resources. This situation has reduced job opportunities and increased competition and unemployment. Many of the IDPs and their host community members suffer from poverty as they cannot fulfill their basic needs after losing most of their means of living. “It was a nightmare” said Mariam; a 29 years old women from Kfarzita town who had to flee from her home with her young three children taking refuge in Hama governorate after losing her husband, her father and her father-in-law in the hostilities.


With no previous experience, it was impossible for her to find a job especially in view of the prevailing economic downturn. “God only knows how humiliating it is to be in need and unable to feed your hungry children’ Said Mariam. She is one of the first workers to join the dry cleaning project in Hama, which was implemented by UNDP in partnership with a local NGO to respond to an urgent need of the population, and provide job opportunities to IDPs and host community members.


Working eight hours a day, ironing and cleaning clothes for clients, Mariam could finally use her wage to buy food and keep her children warm during the cold winter. “The job opportunity availed to me through this project has saved my entire family from humiliation and need” said Mariam, adding “I learned valuable lessons from this crisis, how to stay patient, not to become desperate and keep searching with hope for a chance, which I found in this job and I am really thankful.”


Thanks to this job Mariam’s livelihood was significantly improved, she was also able to buy notebooks and clothes for her children and send them again to school.


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