Najwa, a mother effort to support her children

Najwa, Food preserving, Hama

was amongst the few governorates that were affected early by the crisis. Given its proximity to highly contested areas in the north and central regions, Hama received at least 60,589 IDPs seeking refuge from the conflict. They are nonetheless adding significant pressure on limited available resources. This has led to an increase in unemployment and overstretching in the social services. UNDP in partnership with a local NGO initiated a project in Hama to provide job opportunities in the field of food preserving to a number of IDPs and host community members.


At first, it was impossible for me to find a job,” said Najwa; a mother for family of four children who had to flee from the devastating conditions in Harasta and took refuge in Hama. From a Housewife with no previous job experience to the sole breadwinner of her family, Najwa passed through cruel conditions until she finally managed to find a job in “Beit Al-Mouna” for food-preserving project.


Thanks to this project I learned a new career that helped me to survive with my children in this crisis” She said. Using the profit from this project Najwa was finally able to provide the necessary needs for her children.


The project has significantly succeeded in improving the IDPs livelihoods in Hama, where it currently being supported by most of the retail stores in the governorate, which are regularly buying its products and selling them to the residents in reasonable prices.

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