A journey of Resilience


Hunger and siege have suffocated ussaid Seham Al-Ali; a mother of five children who was forced to flee twice in a row from the devastating conditions in Aleppo, first to Menbej, then to Tartous governorate where she found in Al-Karnak shelter the safe haven for her family.


Due to the sustained IDPs influx to Tartous governorate and the pressures from the existing IDP population, the resources of the governorate were completely overstretched and reportedly reached breaking point, which resulted in continues shortage in the available job opportunities and increase of unemployment rate. These conditions have increased the difficulty of finding a decent work for Seham who used to make ropes for random clients before. As the sole breadwinner of her family, she went through cruel situations where she couldn’t even buy food or clothes to her children.


Once a women stopped me and asked me: why your children are wearing tattered clothes? I answered they don't have clothes and I don’t have a job to afford anything for them” She said, adding “After few days the women came to me again with new clothes for my children and told me that I have been accepted to work in the solid waste removal project


The solid waste removal project in Tartous was implemented by UNDP in partnership with local NGO to enhance the early recovery and restoration of disturbed livelihoods by providing job opportunities to the crisis-affected population and host community members. Additionally support the local social services which have been dramatically weakened as a result of increasing the number of the governorate’s residents.


Thanks to this job I can now sleep with peace in my mind knowing that I don't have to beg for money next morning.” She said while smiling, adding “It saved me from resorting to illegal work fields and saved my dignity


The solid waste removal project has significantly enhanced Seham’s livelihoods and other workers from IDPs, where it provided 155 job opportunities, benefiting directly 755 beneficiaries including family members.

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