Resilience despite of the losses in Syria

Resilience despite of the losses in Syria


Six years into the crisis in Syria, during which many lives have changed and many families have faced displacement, hunger, and fear. Despite his young age, Motasem has experienced very harsh conditions that left him with great responsibilities. His losses went far beyond the death of his father and brother. It was the loss of life as he knew it now that he should learn how to live with one arm and one leg.

“I moved with my family out of Deir-Ez-Zor to Rural Damascus looking for a safe haven. I found myself the sole breadwinner of my family and despite my disability I was determined to find a job and look after my little brothers.” Said Motasem.


Motasem joined UNDP’s prosthetic workshop in Rural Damascus early this year as a team assistant. He’s helping with the manufacturing of prosthetic limbs and showing outstanding skills in adapting and learning its different phases. To save his second hand from any unfortunate accident, he was banned from using the sculpting and cutting machines. Later on, he will be helping in making his own lower limb prosthetic device.

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