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Sample imageThe Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the UN Mansour Al-Otaibi with UNDP Administrator Helen Clark in New York

Partnerships are at the heart of UNDP in all aspects of its work; in the implementation of its programme, in the funding of projects, in policy and development dialogue and advocacy. Partners include national institutions, other UN agencies, bilateral agencies, the private sector and civil society. At UNDP, we know from long experience that these collaborative relationships, built with care, enlarge the potential for progress by unleashing collective energy and concern. 

In Syria, UNDP works with and through partners to respond to the ongoing crisis that has taken such a large toll on Syria’s socio-economic and human development. Chambers of commerce, technical directorates, and the private sector are key national and local partners ensuring the sustainability of livelihood-related initiatives. Non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations are crucial in delivering livelihood interventions in the targeted geographic areas, as well in engaging local communities. We also partner with youth to ensure their active engagement in livelihood and social inclusion programmes and innovation opportunities to create solutions that respond effectively to the impact of the crisis. 

In our support to businesses and value chains with proven social and environmental sustainability (‘green’ jobs), UNDP partners with UN agencies including FAO in supporting clothing, dairy and agricultural livelihoods value chain recovery; with Unicef in the production and distribution of winterization products; and WFP in developing locally-produced food products for food baskets. In its reconstruction work, UNDP partners with Unicef to repair schools, and with WHO and UNFPA to rehabilitating health facilities, who provide equipment and medical supplies and equip maternal health facilities respectively.  

International donors currently contributing to our ongoing portfolio include Japan, Hungary, the State of Kuwait, the European Union, Germany, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), The Russian Federation, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Finland. UNDP also received funding from the UN through pooled funding such as The Global Fund, Central Emergency Relief Fund, and Emergency Response Fund.  In addition to its field presence, UNDP has maintained a network of local partners in various governorates, which expands its reach and access. 


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