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  • Reviving Tomato Farming

    (Tartous- Syria) -Syria is considered to be one of top producers of Tomatoes in the world. Sitting at the 19th place right after Tunisia and before Portugal, Syria was producing up to 1,163,300 tons in 2008 per year and up keeping livelihoods of thousands of farmers across the country.

  • Reaching TB Patients

    Tuberculosis is a disease that is characterized with public ignorance and high social stigma of TB-patients leading to possible infected people to turn away support and care. According to the World Health Organization, the TB incidence rate in Syria is 18 per 100.000 populations. In 2013 3600 people have been diagnosed and treated for first and second line Tuberculosis.

  • Addressing HIV/AIDS in the midst of a crisis

    At 450, the number of people living with HIV in Syria is small. But the stigma that surrounds HIV/AIDS is enormous. In an age of advanced medicine, including antiretroviral therapy, people living with HIV face greater difficulty coping with stigma and discrimination than they do maintaining their health, according to health experts in Syria. Stigmatization is particularly entrenched in the health sector

  • The Youth Of Deir Ezzor Collect Garbage
  • Dairy Instead of Slaughtering
  •  Restoring Roman wells to bring relief

    In Syria's rural areas, long-abandoned Roman wells have become more than a relic of a bygone civilization. For communities struggling to cope with the disastrous ongoing conflict, these ancient wells, dug more than 2,000 years ago, have now become a means of survival.

  • Sewing for a better life

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