Alienation and Violence

19 Mar 2015

Impact of Syria Crisis Report 2014

This report is part of series of reports that provide analysis to track and assess impacts of the armed-conflict on the socioeconomic situation and the lives of people in Syria during the current crisis1. The report is the fourth in the series and covers the four quarters of 2014.


The report provides an evidence-based diagnosis of the Syrian situation that could be used as a tool to support and help build alternatives that break the cycle of violence and lessen the dominance of subjugating powers through a framework grounded in respect for human dignity and rights.


The report applies a counterfactual methodology that compares the “crisis scenario”, or the actual indicators that emerged during the crisis, with the “continuing scenario”, or the indicators that would have been achieved had the crisis not arisen. It includes multiple macroeconomic and social performance indicators that were compiled and estimated based on available sources and in consultation with a number of experts.

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