Regional INDC Dialogue for Latin America & the Carribean

NOV 10 - 12, 2014 | Mexico City, Mexico

Photo: Aerial View of Mexico City, Mexico | Credit: Adobe StockPhoto: Aerial View of Mexico City, Mexico | Credit: Adobe Stock


The second Regional Technical Dialogue on Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) brought together country representatives, developed-country representatives, multilateral and bilateral agencies, and regional organizations, as well as other experts.


  • Share country experiences in the design and preparation of their INDCs;
  • Share information on challenges being faced and identify lessons learned and best practices to address these challenges;
  • Address issues related to the underlying technical basis required to prepare robust, realistic, and achievable contributions;
  • Identify support needed to reach domestic agreement on contributions and follow-up actions; and
  • Provide an update on the process of preparing INDCs and share newly identified challenges.

Event Details

Agenda                Dialogue Agenda 

Report                 Final Report (pdf)

Technical Note    Support for Planning INDCs


When        November 10 - 12, 2014

Where       Mexico City, Mexico


Nov 10      DAY 1 (zip)

Nov 11      DAY 2 (zip)

Nov 12      DAY 3 (zip)



Brief Update on ADP Process - Mr. Claudio Forner, UNFCCC Secretariat

Objectives of the Workshop & Takeaways from the First Round of INDC Technical Dialogues - Mr. Yamil Bonduki, Programme Manager, Low Emission Capacity Building Programme, UNDP

Developing Country Progress on INDC Preparation since Bogota: Colombia - Mr. Santiago Briceño, Colombia

Developed-Country Progress on INDC Preparation since Bogota: the European Union - Ms. Ariane Labat, European Commission


Country Case Studies - INDC Design Options

Chile Case Study - Mr. Eduardo Sanhueza, Chile

Peru Case Study - Ms. Giannina Ibarra, Peru

St. Lucia Case Study - Ms.  Annette Rattigan-Leo, St. Lucia

Dominican Republic Case Study - Mr. Moisés Álvarez, Dominican Republic

Financial Support for INDCs; Cost Analyses

Mapping of Support for INDC Preparation - Mr. Michael Comstock, UNDP

GCF in Latin America and the Caribbean - Carmen Arguello, Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Knowledge base for low-carbon transition in Norway - Mr. Are Lindegaard, Norway 


Data and Analysis

Data and Analysis to inform the INDC - Kelly Levin, World Resources Institute

Assessing ambition of INDCs - Mr. Markus Hagemann, New Climate Institute

Country Case Studies

Costa Rica: Contribución país ante las oportunidades del Cambio Climático - Ms. María Virginia Cajiao, Costa Rica

Mexico: Inventarios e insumos al proceso de elaboración - Mr. Daniel Buira, Mexicode INDCs

Chile: MAPS Chile – Insumo para el INDC - Mr. José Antonio Prado, Chile

United States: Preparation of the INDC - Mr. Reed Schuler, United States

Ecuador: Experience with the INDC - Mr. Andrés Mogro, Ecuador

Belize: Experience with the INDC - Amb. Janine Felson, Belize